Investing in Megatrends - How to Benefit - CPD Credits

Megatrends are long-term, structural changes that impact our society, environment, economies and culture. Driven by technology, they transcend traditional industries, national borders, and economic cycles.

HANetf and guests will cover: 

  • What are megatrends and how are they impacting the world? Urbanisation, Demographic Change, Technology, Climate Change, and New Asset Classes
  • Which industries and sectors are at highest risk of disruption and which benefit from a changing world
  • Investing in megatrends - active and passive ideas
  • How to add megatrends to portfolios 

Dates & venues
Wednesday 16th October Birmingham 12pm - 5pm
Thursday 17th October  Manchester 12pm - 5pm
Tuesday 22nd October Leeds 12pm - 5pm
Wednesday 23rd October Edinburgh 12pm - 5pm

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